June 2021 Newsletter

June 1, 2021

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Looking for ways to improve the quality of your wellness program? This month's newsletter contains the elements you should check off to ensure you have a robust wellness program. We also share special ways to increase your program's engagement to ensure that your residents are fully benefitting from your offerings!

We hope you find the content useful and inspiring. Our goal is to support individuals like yourself to create excellent experiences for older adults. Welbi is always here for you!


Featured Article

The Six Components of an Excellent Wellness Program

When senior living community operators used to think of wellness, the fitness centre or community pool would come to mind. These days, operators are reinventing the way wellness is perceived in the industry.  So, what makes an excellent wellness program? They have six things in common.

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Featured Article

How to Increase Resident Engagement in your Community

Experiencing a drop in engagement can be incredibly discouraging when you put so much effort into your programming. With ever-changing resident needs, it’s normal to see some fluctuation in engagement. But, staying on top of these changes will ensure that your programming is creating a positive impact and protecting your residents from the dangers of social isolation.

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Welbi Spotlight

Welbi Users Participate in StrongerU  #MoveLikeASenior Semi-Finals

Older adults from our client communities are smashing stereotypes and celebrating the possibility of ageing in StrongerU Senior Fitness's #MoveLikeASenior competition.  Check out the great submissions from our clients proving that fitness is fun!

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