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Bubble Wrap Art

Use bubble wrap to create interesting and colorful prints on paper. A colourful, creative and inclusive way to create beautiful art with your residents!

Supplies Needed: 

  • Bubble wrap
  • Tempera or poster paint
  • Paint brushes or roller brushes
  • Scissors
  • Paper

Step 1: Cut a sheet of bubble wrap into approximately the same size as your paper.

Step 2: Cover your work area with a mat or with newspapers. Put the bubble wrap at the center, bubbly side-up.

Place different colors of tempera or poster paint on your palette. Water the paint down so that it is quite spreadable but not too runny.

Step 3: Paint the bubble wrap sheet using paint brushes or roller brushes. You can do stripes or paint random splotches.

Remember to clean your paint brush when changing colors or use a different brush for each color.

Step 4: Once you've filled the bubble wrap with colors, place your paper over it. Press firmly down with your hands to transfer the print from the bubble wrap to the paper.

Step 5: Carefully lift the paper from the bubble wrap sheet.

Step 6: Check out the colorful bubble wrap prints on the paper! Once dry, you can frame your bubble wrap printed paper.

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