Program Details
Build a Gratitude Tree

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, this Gratitude Tree activity encourages residents to reflect on the positives in their lives and community, visually representing these blessings. Using materials like construction paper, tissue, or craft paper, residents can collaboratively create leaves for the tree. The challenge lies in each resident thinking of unique personal appreciations. This exercise fosters an attitude of gratitude, positively impacting the mood of the community. Once enough leaves are gathered, add them to a tree template attached to the wall, creating a beautiful display of gratitude for everyone to appreciate.

  1. Emotional Engagement: Foster positive emotions through reflection on personal appreciations.
  2. Social Engagement: Promote teamwork and collaboration in creating the Gratitude Tree.
  3. Spiritual Engagement: Encourage a sense of gratitude and appreciation.
  1. Provide materials such as construction paper, tissue, or craft paper for residents.
  2. Residents, either individually or in teams, cut out leaves or use purchased artificial leaves.
  3. Challenge residents to think of different personal things they appreciate and write them on the leaves.
  4. Add the leaves to a tree template attached to the wall.
  5. Display the Gratitude Tree in a communal space for everyone to appreciate.
Staffing Requirements
  • 1 staff member.
  • Additional staff/volunteers to assist participants if needed.
  • Construction paper, tissue, or craft paper.
  • Scissors.
  • Writing materials.
  • Optional: Artificial leaves from a dollar store or hobby store.
  • Physical Strain: Be mindful of residents' physical abilities during crafting.
  • Emotional Discomfort: Ensure the activity is approached with sensitivity, respecting individual sentiments.
Expected Outcomes
  1. Increased positive emotions through reflection on personal appreciations.
  2. Strengthened sense of community through collaborative crafting.
  3. Enhanced spiritual engagement by fostering gratitude.
Program Type
Level of Care
Dimension of Wellness
Crafts, Art therapy, Discussions, Mindfulness, Affirmations, Journaling