Program Details
Chalk Art Walk

This program is a collaboration between community or youth volunteers and the care community. Chalk drawings and messages are produced on sidewalks and patios, enabling resident and staff to enjoy art while socially distancing. Unless you reside in a snowy climate, this can be done year round.

The art can be themed for holidays and "chalk walks" can be scheduled or patio art can be seen from inside.  This program can be part of the "Window to the World" program. Watching the youth draw from inside the building and connecting with them with waves, signs or notes of thanks provides needed interaction.

Recruit youth or community artists who will complete chalk drawings on sidewalks or patios.  

Volunteers will provide their own chalk. Discuss the theme of the drawings with the artists. Holiday and seasonal chalk art is recommended. Special milestones like a 100th birthday can also be celebrated with chalk art.

Take a photo of the artists with a short biography to share with the residents.  This can be placed in a 8x10 frame and put in a reception area.

Note:  Due to many visuospatial changes related to dementia, persons with these challenges should not "walk" over the chalk drawings, and should look from a distance or "wheel" over the drawings in a wheelchair.

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Long Term Care
Memory Care
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