Program Details
Flashcard Fitness

This is a fun and interactive exercise program using large cue cards to guide the exercise program if residents are safely able to participate in a seated exercise program.

1. You can create your own flashcards by using a marker on 8 x 11 paper or you can email me for the pre-made cards at
2. You can include the words: run, march, push, pull, churn, twist, swim, clap, sing, reach, kick, wave, dance, smile, walk, draw, laugh
3. Ask someone in your group if they would like to volunteer to hold the flashcards up for the group
4. Go around and ask different people to read the word and share how many times they would like to do the action listed.
5. You can lead a conversation or reminiscing conversation about the word and whenever possible try to include residents and their life story if they have done these things or enjoy doing the word on the flashcard.
6. It is good to go thru the words 2-3 times and try to do each action 10-20x's if the person can safely do this while seated

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Level of Care
Memory Care
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