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Flip it

Flip it is a simple game using basic addition and simple problem solving.


  • Each Player needs cards numbering 1-10.
  • (SkipBo Cards work great for this! Nice BIG numbers, but use what you have.)
  • Two 6-sided dice
  • Dice cup may be used if desired.

THE SETUP: Each Player places the numbers 1-10 FACE UP in front of them.

THE PLAY: A round of FlipIt! consists of each player taking one turn to try to flip over as many cards as they can. A turn consists of a player throwing the dice one time and flipping the corresponding cards. Each turn is taken as follows: The player throws the dice and adds up the pips. The player must then flip available numbers that add up to the total thrown. So for instance, if the total is 8, the player may choose one of the following options:

a)  8

b) 7 & 1        

c) 6 & 2        

d) 5 & 3        

e) 5 & 2 & 1                  

f) 4 & 3 & 1

Assuming that one of the options is available, the player flips over the selected number or numbers and passes the dice to the next person. If none of the options are available because at least one number is already flipped in each case, then the player loses the turn and passes the dice to the next person. As the game goes on, a player may lose their turn several times. Play continues around the table until one player has flipped over all of their cards.

THE WIN: The Player that succeeds in flipping all their numbers first wins!

THE HINT: It is important to not be left with the number 1 card. It is impossible to roll a 1 on two dice!

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