Program Details
Hallmark Christmas Movie Bingo

Engage residents in a delightful holiday activity with Hallmark Christmas Movie Bingo. This interactive game adds a fun twist to movie nights by turning clichés from Hallmark Christmas movies into bingo squares. Residents can mark off each square as they spot familiar moments, such as mistletoe kisses or canceled flights, while watching the movie. It's a fantastic way to infuse some friendly competition and excitement into holiday movie marathons.

  1. Emotional Engagement: Spark joy and amusement by recognizing and marking off familiar holiday movie clichés.
  2. Social Engagement: Foster a sense of camaraderie as residents enjoy the game together during movie nights.
  3. Intellectual Engagement: Encourage residents to pay attention to details and follow the plot of the Hallmark Christmas movies.
  1. Distribute Hallmark Christmas Movie Bingo cards to residents before the movie night.
  2. Explain the rules and how to mark off clichés on the bingo cards.
  3. Start the Hallmark Christmas movie marathon, and encourage residents to actively participate in the bingo game.
  4. Have a designated person call out bingo clichés as they occur in the movies.
  5. Residents mark off the corresponding squares on their bingo cards.
  6. Celebrate and acknowledge the winners at the end of the movie marathon.
Staffing Requirements
  • 1 staff member.
  • Additional staff/volunteers to assist participants if needed.
  • Hallmark Christmas Movie Bingo cards (pre-made or create your own)
  • Markers or bingo dabbers
  • Prizes for bingo winners (optional)
  • Eye strain or fatigue from prolonged movie watching.
  • Potential disappointment if bingo clichés are not present in some movies.
Expected Outcomes
  1. Residents experience heightened enjoyment and engagement during movie nights.
  2. Increased social interaction and camaraderie among residents.
  3. Enhanced cognitive stimulation through attention to movie details.
Program Type
Level of Care
Dimension of Wellness
Holidays, Games, Watching movies, Bingo, Socializing