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Have You Ever

An awesome game to help new and old residents get to know each other more and connect over shared experiences.

Have a list of questions that answer the question "Have You Ever" and get residents to hold up their hands to indicate they've done something. If you want to get friendly competition going, you could score people on a whiteboard.

Here are some examples of questions you could use: 

  1. Had a dog?
  2. Rode a horse?
  3. Lived outside of Canada?
  4. Gotten a ticket?
  5. Had kids?
  6. Sewn your own clothes?
  7. Swam in ocean?
  8. Been to the zoo?
  9. Won a trophy?
  10. Had any allergies?
  11. Lived on a farm?
  12. Can you speak another language?
  13. Broken a bone?
  14. Been stuck in a storm?
  15. Built you own house?
  16. Had a pen pal?
  17. Know +2 languages?
  18. Owned a rodent as a pet?
  19. Been in a car accident?
  20. Known how to two-step?
  21. Rode an off-road vehicle?
  22. Dyed your hair?
  23. Been to Hawaii/Mexico?
  24. Been on a train?
  25. Worked night shift?
  26. Eaten a whole pizza?
  27. Won a game of monopoly?
  28. Kissed an animal?
  29. Had a gym membership?
  30. Planted a tree?
  31. Sung karaoke?
  32. Slept in regular clothing?
  33. Been scared of clowns?
  34. Shot a gun?
  35. Met a celebrity?
  36. Caught a bug?
  37. Made a snowman?
  38. Seen an elephant in real life? (Rode one)
  39. Cut your own hair?
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