Program Details
"I had one of those!"

A spontaneous engagement program using reminiscing triggers (objects) to initiate conversation in a non-group setting. A bag of meaningful objects is carried through common areas when residents are "unengaged." Each object is shown and discussed, "I had one of these, did you?" or "I have something I'd like to show you, would you like to see?"

Gather items that will trigger memories and spark conversation based on the age/cohort that you will engage. These need to fit into the bag that you will carry. Popular items include kitchen utensils and containers such as a metal ice cube tray or egg beater. Tools, school days supplies, gardening implements, transistor radios, quilts, jewelry, sewing supplies, beauty products, vintage sports equipment, toys, fashion accessories, and automobile supplies/equipment are just a start. Select an assortment (3-4) of objects and put them in the bag.  Use declarative sentences to talk about the object. For example, "I had a transistor radio like this, I got it for Christmas.  I used to put it under my pillow and listen when I was supposed to be asleep." Use questions sparingly to alleviate a right or wrong approach. The goal of this activity to encourage "no demand" activity interactions by triggering a thought or opinion. Scripts or stories can be used as items are shown.

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Memory Care
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