Program Details
Interfaith Holiday Reminiscing

This Interfaith Holiday Reminiscing activity encourages residents to share their holiday traditions stemming from various faith backgrounds. Residents can discuss their unique celebrations, allowing recreation workers to incorporate shared traditions into the community calendar. This activity fosters understanding, unity, and appreciation of different cultures as the community gears up for the holiday season.

  1. Spiritual Engagement: Provide an opportunity for residents to express and explore their spiritual connections.
  2. Emotional Engagement: Elicit positive emotions and nostalgia through reminiscing about holiday traditions.
  3. Social Engagement: Promote a sense of community and connectedness by sharing personal holiday experiences.
  4. Intellectual Engagement: Encourage residents to reflect on and discuss the cultural significance of different holiday traditions.

  1. Start by introducing the Interfaith Holiday Reminiscing activity, emphasizing the celebration of diversity.
  2. Invite residents to share their holiday traditions, encouraging open discussions.
  3. Incorporate any shared traditions into the community calendar, ensuring inclusivity.
  4. Optionally, provide materials for residents to create holiday-themed crafts or decorations.
  5. Create a communal space for residents to continue conversations and engage in optional crafting.
  6. Conclude the activity by expressing gratitude for the shared experiences and diverse backgrounds.
Staffing Requirements
  • 1 staff member.
  • Additional staff/volunteers to assist participants if needed.
  • Flip chart or whiteboard for capturing shared traditions.
  • Optional: Craft materials for holiday-themed activities (e.g., colored paper, glue, scissors).
  • Emotional Discomfort: Some residents may have emotional reactions when discussing holiday traditions. Create a supportive environment and be mindful of individual sensitivities.
Expected Outcomes
  1. Enhanced positive emotions and nostalgia.
  2. Strengthened sense of community and connectedness.
  3. Increased cultural awareness and understanding.
  4. Opportunities for spiritual expression and exploration.
Program Type
Level of Care
Dimension of Wellness
Holidays, Culture, Socializing, Discussions, Reminiscing