Program Details
June 4th - National Cheese Day: Charcuterie Happy Hour

Take advantage of National Cheese Day with a delightful Charcuterie Happy Hour! Indulge in a spread of assorted cheeses, cured meats, crackers, fruits, and nuts, perfectly paired with your favorite beverages. It's an opportunity to mingle, savor delicious flavors, and enjoy good company.

  • Provide residents with an enjoyable and social activity.
  • Celebrate National Cheese Day with a memorable event.
  • Foster a sense of community and camaraderie among residents.
  1. Preparation:
    • Plan the menu and gather supplies. Ensure a variety of cheeses, meats, and accompaniments to suit different tastes.
    • Set up the designated area for the event with tables, chairs, and tablecloths.
  2. Setup:
    • Arrange the charcuterie boards with an aesthetic appeal, grouping cheeses, meats, fruits, and nuts attractively.
    • Set out plates, napkins, and utensils.
    • Prepare beverage stations with options like wine, sparkling water, and juice.
  3. Welcome and Enjoyment:
    • Welcome residents to the event, providing an overview of the offerings.
    • Encourage residents to mingle, sample different cheeses, and share their preferences.
  4. Assistance:
    • Be available to assist residents with dietary restrictions or mobility issues.
    • Ensure the area remains tidy and replenish supplies as needed.
  5. Closure:
    • Thank residents for attending and invite feedback for future events.
    • Coordinate cleanup and ensure the space is left as it was found.
Staffing Requirements
  1. Life Enrichment team member: Overall coordination and supervision.
  2. Assistants: Assist with setup, replenishing supplies, and ensuring the comfort of residents.
  3. Kitchen Staff (if applicable): Assistance with food preparation and serving.

  • Assorted cheeses (cheddar, brie, gouda, etc.)
  • Cured meats (salami, prosciutto, etc.)
  • Crackers and breadsticks
  • Fresh fruits (grapes, apples, berries)
  • Nuts (almonds, walnuts)
  • Plates, napkins, and utensils
  • Beverage options (wine, sparkling water, juice)
  • Tablecloths and decorations (optional)
  • Labels for allergen information
  • Allergies: Be mindful of residents' dietary restrictions and allergies. Clearly label ingredients to help residents make informed choices.
  • Mobility: Ensure the event area is accessible for residents with mobility issues.
  • Food Safety: Maintain proper food handling and storage to prevent contamination.
Expected Outcomes

With proper planning and execution, the Charcuterie Happy Hour will surely be a hit among your residents, creating cherished memories and moments of joy.

Program Type
Level of Care
Assisted Living
Independent Living
Dimension of Wellness
Food, Happy Hour, Socializing, Tasting, Theme Parties