Program Details
June - Outdoor Bocce Ball Game

Set up a fun-filled afternoon of Bocce Ball in the sunshine! Bocce Ball is a classic Italian game that's easy to learn and perfect for all skill levels. Residents can enjoy some friendly competition, socialize, and soak up the fresh air.


The primary goal of the event is to provide residents with an enjoyable outdoor activity that promotes socialization, physical activity, and fun. It's also an opportunity for residents to learn a new game and perhaps discover a new hobby.

  1. Set up the Bocce Ball court in a flat outdoor area. You can use chalk to mark the boundaries if needed.
  2. Gather residents and explain the rules of the game. Keep it simple and encourage participation from everyone.
  3. Divide residents into teams, ensuring a mix of skill levels in each team to keep the game fair and enjoyable.
  4. Begin the game, making sure to rotate teams so everyone gets a chance to play.
  5. Offer encouragement and support throughout the game.
  6. Once the game is finished, congratulate the winning team and thank everyone for participating.
Staffing Requirements

At least two Life Enrichment team members.

One to manage the game, explain the rules, and oversee gameplay, while the other can assist residents, provide support, and ensure everyone's safety.

  • Bocce Ball set (including balls and a pallino)
  • Flat outdoor space for the court
  • Seating for residents and staff
  • Water or refreshments for hydration
  • First aid kit (just in case)


While Bocce Ball is generally a safe activity, there are a few risks to consider, such as tripping hazards on the playing surface or the possibility of residents overexerting themselves. Ensure the playing area is clear of obstacles and provide seating nearby for residents who may need a rest. Provide water to keep residents hydrated during the duration of the program.

Expected Outcomes

By following this plan, you can ensure a successful and enjoyable Bocce Ball game for your residents!

Program Type
Level of Care
Assisted Living
Independent Living
Dimension of Wellness
Bocce, Lawn Games, Games, Socialization