Program Details
Karamu Feast for Kwanzaa

Embrace the rich cultural heritage of Kwanzaa by arranging a Karamu Feast for your residents. This event features a diverse array of African-American dishes with influences from Southern, Caribbean, and African cuisines. From okra gumbo to jerk chicken, the feast provides a culinary journey celebrating the diversity and traditions of Kwanzaa. The communal gathering fosters a sense of cultural immersion, creating a memorable and enjoyable experience for all.

  1. Social Engagement: Foster a sense of community by bringing residents together for a shared cultural experience.
  2. Emotional Engagement: Evoke feelings of nostalgia and joy through the familiar flavors of traditional dishes.
  3. Spiritual Engagement: Connect residents with the cultural and spiritual significance of Kwanzaa.
  1. Planning: Coordinate the menu, ensuring a variety of dishes with cultural significance.
  2. Decorations: Set up the venue with Kwanzaa-themed decor to enhance the cultural atmosphere.
  3. Culinary Team: Assign roles for cooking, serving, and managing the feast.
  4. Presentation: Showcase the dishes, providing information on their cultural relevance.
  5. Communal Dining: Create a warm and inviting space for residents to enjoy the feast together.
Staffing Requirements
  • 3 Staff Members: Culinary coordinator, server, event manager
  • Kwanzaa-themed decorations
  • Ingredients for selected dishes
  • Dining utensils and plates
  • Informational materials on Kwanzaa
  • Risk of Burns: Caution in the kitchen to prevent burns from hot surfaces or utensils.
  • Allergic Reactions: Consider residents' allergies; provide allergen information for dishes.
Expected Outcomes
  1. Residents enjoy a culturally enriching dining experience.
  2. Increased sense of community and connection among residents.
  3. Positive emotional impact through the enjoyment of meaningful flavors.
Program Type
Level of Care
Dimension of Wellness
Holidays, Culture, Eating, Religion, Socializing, Theme parties, Discussions