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May - National Nurses Week Celebration

Let's show our gratitude for the incredible nurses who care for us every day! Join us for a special Nurses Appreciation Week event where residents can create heartfelt thank-you cards and enjoy a small ceremony to honor our nursing staff.


The primary goal of this event is to express gratitude and appreciation for the hard work and dedication of the nursing staff. Additionally, it's an opportunity to foster a sense of community and camaraderie among residents and staff.

  1. Set up a designated area with tables, chairs, art supplies (such as colored paper, markers, stickers, etc.), and refreshments (like tea, coffee, and snacks).
  2. Invite residents to join the card-making activity. Encourage them to get creative and express their appreciation for the nurses in their own words.
  3. Meanwhile, prepare for the ceremony. Set up a small stage or area where residents and staff can gather.
  4. Once the cards are completed, gather everyone for the ceremony. This can include a few speeches expressing gratitude for the nurses' hard work and dedication, as well as a moment to present the thank-you cards.
  5. Invite nursing staff to join the residents for refreshments and socializing after the ceremony.

Staffing Requirements

You'll need a few staff members to assist with different aspects of the event.

One staff member can oversee the card-making activity, while another can help coordinate the ceremony.

Additionally, you may need nursing staff to participate in the ceremony.

  1. Art supplies for card-making (paper, markers, stickers, etc.)
  2. Refreshments (tea, coffee, snacks)
  3. Tables, chairs, and any decor for the ceremony area
  4. Microphone and speaker system for speeches (if needed)
  5. Thank-you cards or certificates for presentation to nursing staff


The main risks for this event are related to mobility issues for some residents and potential emotional strain for nursing staff who may become overwhelmed by gratitude. Ensure that the event is accessible to all residents, and provide support for any staff members who may need it.

Expected Outcomes

With this plan in place, you can create a meaningful and memorable National Nurses Week event for your residents and nursing staff alike!

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