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Playing Inter-Room Telephone

Everyone is familiar with the childhood game of telephone. It works traditionally by having a string or circle of people. One of the individuals thinks of a word or phrase and whispers it in the ear of the next, and so on until the last person hears the whisper. Then the last person announces what he heard, and this is compared with what the first individual spoke. The differences are oftentimes shocking!

This game can easily be adapted to work with residents at in their doorframe, so as to see all other residents from a safe distance. If residents can whisper loudly enough for only their neighbour to hear, the telephone phrase can be transmitted physically. If not, a resident can always call their next-door neighbour to whisper the secret phrase. Once every resident has received the secret phrase, the first and last people can compare what they heard.

An extra fun twist you can put on this game is asking every resident to remember what they heard and transmitted to the next person so as to see the transformation of the message as it was communicated!

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