Program Details
June - Pride Month: Drag Brunch

Host a fabulous drag brunch event where residents can enjoy delicious food, lively entertainment, and glamorous performances by local drag queens. Residents can dress up in their finest attire and savor an unforgettable dining experience.


Provide residents with an opportunity to socialize, have fun, and enjoy cultural entertainment, celebrate LGBTQ+ culture and creativity, and create lasting memories.

  • Plan the menu for the drag brunch, including a variety of brunch foods and beverages to suit residents' tastes and preferences.
  • Coordinate with local drag performers to schedule their performances and ensure that they have everything they need for the event.
  • Decorate the event space with colorful decorations, stage or performance area, and seating arrangements.
  • Invite residents to dress up in their finest attire and prepare to be dazzled by the entertainment.
  • Serve brunch food and beverages to residents, allowing them to enjoy a leisurely meal while watching the drag performances.
  • Create a festive and inclusive atmosphere where residents feel valued, respected, and celebrated for who they are.
  • Staffing Requirements

    Staff members should be present to oversee the event, provide assistance to residents, and ensure that the brunch runs smoothly and safely. Collaborate with drag performers to coordinate logistics and ensure that the event meets the needs and expectations of all participants.


    Brunch food and beverages, tables and chairs, stage or performance area, sound system, decorations, and costumes for drag performers.


    Ensure that the event space is accessible and comfortable for residents with mobility issues, and provide appropriate accommodations for those with sensory sensitivities. Respect residents' boundaries and preferences, and create a welcoming and inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and respected.

    Expected Outcomes

    Residents will delight in the glamour and excitement of a drag brunch as they indulge in delicious food and watch captivating performances by talented drag performers. The event will foster a sense of joy, celebration, and community spirit within the senior living facility.

    Program Type
    Level of Care
    Dimension of Wellness
    Community Engagement
    Eating Out, Advocacy, Theme parties