Program Details
June - Pride Month: Join in on a local Pride Parade

Joining a local Pride parade allows residents to immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere of LGBTQ+ culture, advocacy, and celebration. They can march alongside fellow community members, wave flags, and show their support for equality and diversity.


Encourage residents to actively participate in the larger LGBTQ+ community, promote inclusivity within the senior living community, and foster a sense of pride and belonging.

  1. Coordinate with local Pride organizers to determine the date, time, and meeting point for the parade.
  2. Inform residents about the opportunity to participate in the parade and gauge interest.
  3. Arrange transportation to and from the parade location for interested residents.
  4. Provide residents with Pride flags, banners, and other decorations to carry during the parade.
  5. Ensure that residents with mobility issues have access to appropriate accommodations
  6. Accompany residents to the parade location, assist with any needs or concerns, and march together in solidarity.
  7. If you aren't able to join in the actual parade, finding a large spot for residents to sit and watch is just as amazing!

Staffing Requirements

Staff members should accompany residents to provide assistance and support throughout the outing. Ensure that there are enough staff members present to address any medical or mobility needs that may arise during the parade.


Pride flags, banners, water bottles, sunscreen, hats, comfortable walking shoes, and transportation to and from the parade location.


Ensure that the parade route is accessible and safe for residents with mobility issues. Consider the weather conditions and provide appropriate accommodations, such as shaded areas and water stations, to ensure the comfort and well-being of participants.

Expected Outcomes

Residents will experience a sense of empowerment and solidarity as they participate in a public demonstration of support for LGBTQ+ rights. They will also have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and build relationships beyond the walls of their community.

Program Type
Level of Care
Assisted Living
Independent Living
Long Term Care
Memory Care
Dimension of Wellness
Community Engagement
Parades, Advocacy