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Recycled Spring Dream Tree Program

To commemorate the arrival of spring, you can create a "dream" tree using spring flowers, blossoms, and inspiring messages! The end result will allow you to see each of your residents’ artwork displayed in a large tree where they can see their creations come together. 


  • Colourful magazines, old calendars, or travel agency brochures
  • Construction paper in bright colours and plain paper
  • Glue and blue sticky tack 
  • Pencils, crayons, markers and/or paint 
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard
  • Large drawing paper (to put a large tree on the wall)


  • Create a few flower cut outs on a strong piece of cardboard to make some durable templates.
  • Sit residents around a table and give each a pair of scissors.
  • Using the cardboard templates, trace flowers onto magazines, calendars and brochures. Talk about spring with your residents while you do this. Have a little game going by asking what words they remember relating to spring. Use the opportunity to reminisce about what sort of flowers they used to plant and love.
  • Ask residents to cut out traced flowers from magazines and encourage them to use images and colours that inspire them. 
  • Trace some flower templates onto some plain white paper in case residents feel like colouring or painting.
  • You may also trace some onto colourful leftover construction paper on which the residents can then draw the stamen and the pistil.
  • Tape up the large drawing paper to a wall you wish to display the dream tree on and draw the trunk of a tree, with branches extended
  • Sit residents around to watch and ask a couple to hand you the flowers as you apply sticky tack to them, and then add them to the tree!  

Enjoy the view!

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