Program Details
Star Wars Trivia: May the 4th Celebration

Get ready to ignite the hyperdrive and blast off to a galaxy far, far away with Star Wars Trivia! This program is designed for residents to test their Star Wars knowledge and have a blast doing it.

  1. Provide entertainment and enjoyment for residents.
  2. Foster social interaction and community engagement.
  3. Create a memorable experience centered around a beloved theme.
  1. Preparation (1 week before):
    • Confirm trivia questions
    • Promote the event through flyers, announcements, or posters around your community
    • Encourage residents to dress up as their favorite Star Wars characters.
  2. Setup (On the day of the event):
    • Decorate the common area with Star Wars-themed decorations (posters, banners, balloons, etc.).
    • Set up tables and chairs for seating.
    • Arrange a designated area for activities and games.
  3. Welcome & Introduction (Start of the event):
    • Greet residents as they arrive, encouraging them to participate in the program.
  4. Activities:
    • Trivia Challenge: Organize a Star Wars trivia quiz with questions of varying difficulty levels. Prepare small prizes for participants.
    • Costume Contest: Hold a costume contest for residents who dressed up as Star Wars characters. Let residents vote for their favorite costumes, and award prizes for the best costumes.
    • Movie Screening: Play a classic Star Wars movie (e.g., Episode IV: A New Hope) on a large screen for residents to enjoy. Provide popcorn and drinks for a complete movie experience.
    • Light Saber Training: Have a staff member or volunteer demonstrate basic light saber moves using foam or inflatable light sabers. Residents can participate in a gentle exercise session while having fun.
  5. Refreshments:
    • Serve Star Wars-themed snacks and refreshments, such as Wookiee Cookies, Yoda Soda, or Death Star Donuts. Ensure options cater to dietary restrictions and preferences.
  6. End of program:
    • Thank residents for participating and encourage feedback for future events.
  7. Cleanup:
    • Dispose of trash and tidy up the area.
    • Store decorations and unused supplies for future events.

Staffing Requirements
  • Life Enrichment team member
  • Assistant(s) or volunteers to assist with setup, activities, and cleanup
  • Costumed characters (optional): Staff or volunteers dressed as Star Wars characters to enhance the atmosphere
  • Star Wars-themed decorations (posters, banners, balloons)
  • Tables, chairs, and tablecloths
  • Trivia questions and prizes
  • Costume contest prizes
  • Movie screening equipment (projector, screen, DVD player)
  • Popcorn machine or pre-popped popcorn
  • Drinks (water, soda, etc.) and snacks
  • Physical Strain: Ensure activities are suitable for residents' physical abilities to prevent any injuries.
  • Allergies/Dietary Restrictions: Verify residents' dietary restrictions and allergies before serving snacks and refreshments.
  • Overstimulation: Monitor residents' comfort levels, and provide quiet areas for those who may need a break from the excitement.

Expected Outcomes
Program Type
Level of Care
Assisted Living
Independent Living
Dimension of Wellness