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Start a blog by residents

A great way to connect your residents with each other, with their families and with the world at large would be to start a blog for your community.

This blog would be written by resident of your community, discussing a short topic on their minds that day.

This is how it will work on the resident side: Each day, it will be a resident's turn to write a quick blog post. Let them know in advance about whose turn it will be so that residents can brainstorm what they might want to write about. When it is a resident's turn, either bring a laptop into their room if they don't already have one, or walk the resident to a computer in the community. Discuss what they'd like to write about. Then, log them into the blog, show them the website used to post all of the resident's blog posts, and let them read through what has been written by other residents since they last wrote for the blog. After that, leave them 20 to 30 mins to write their thoughts down and post it. After they're all done, thank and congratulate the resident for contributing their ideas! Disinfect the computer, and you're done!

Blog posts can even be added right onto your home's website for added content.

This blog can incorporate as many topics as residents have interests. It will also help residents keep thinking, and share valuable knowledge and experience with the world. It can even be shared with family members to keep track of what their resident is thinking about!

Potential free websites with which to start your blog are: Wordpress, Wix, Weebly and Blogger

Also, here is a guide to starting a blog by Wix.

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