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Technology Workshops (computer, Tablet, Phone classes)

Many residents are turning to computers and tablets to communicate and have fun while Covid-19 is keep them in social isolation. But what about the many residents who never learned how to use technology well? They are at a huge disadvantage in currently in terms of being able to socialize and keep themselves connected and entertained.

Introducing many workshops on the basics of computers is an ideal solution. Using a windows or mac computer or tablet is invaluable. Not only that, workshops can be given on using specific communication apps like Zoom, Google Hangouts or Facebook to keep residents communicating with their loved ones. On top of that, residents can learn to use the internet to quell their curiosity and create their own entertainment! Having workshops on using accessing online information will teach residents how to read online newspapers, search the internet and watch interesting videos!

Finally, these very workshops can be delivered remotely by anyone using the videoconferencing  tools the residents learned in the first place. These are activities that reinforce the material being taught as the class is being attended! Not many other classes can say the same.

Here is a short list of workshop ideas:

  • Using Videoconferencing Apps: Zoom, Hangouts, Messenger, Facetime.
  • Accessing Online Information: Searching with Google, What is YouTube, How to use online newspapers.
  • Playing games online: Card games, Board Games, Games with other live payers vs against AI.
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