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Twister Sand Bags

Sandbag Twister is a modified version of the classic game Twister, designed specifically for seniors. Instead of doing Twister the traditional way, residents spin the wheel and throw bean bags on the colour. This low-impact activity promotes flexibility, balance, and social interaction among seniors in a fun and engaging way.

  • Promote physical activity and movement among seniors in a safe and inclusive environment.
  • Enhance balance, flexibility, and coordination through interactive gameplay.
  • Foster socialization and camaraderie among participants through shared experiences and laughter.

  1. Set up the mat in the playing area
  2. Explain the rules: Review the rules of Twister with the participants.
  3. Start the game: Use a Twister spinner or app to determine where bean bags need to be tossed. Call out the instructions and encourage participants to follow along, moving carefully and mindfully to maintain balance.
  4. Encourage socialization: Create a fun and supportive atmosphere by encouraging participants to cheer each other on and share laughs as they navigate the sandbag grid.
  5. Conclude the game: Continue playing rounds of Sandbag Twister until participants are ready to finish. Offer water and refreshments as needed, and provide opportunities for participants to stretch and relax after the game.

Staffing Requirements

1 staff member or can be resident run

  1. Sandbags: Prepare enough sandbags to create a grid layout for the game. You can use pre-filled sandbags or fill them yourself with sand or another suitable material.
  2. Playing area: Clear a spacious area with a flat surface for the game. Indoor spaces with non-carpeted floors are ideal.
  3. Twister mat

Expected Outcomes
  • Improved flexibility and balance among participants.
  • Increased socialization and camaraderie through interactive gameplay.
  • Enjoyment and satisfaction from participating in a familiar game with a unique twist.

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Level of Care
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Board Games