Program Details
West African Drumming Workshop for Kwanzaa

In celebration of Kwanzaa, particularly the sixth day, Kuumba (creativity), invite residents to participate in a West African Drumming Workshop. Taking place during the week-long Kwanzaa celebration, which starts on December 26th and culminates on December 31st, this engaging session allows residents to explore the vibrant rhythms of West African music. Rooted in African culture, drumming not only adds a unique and enriching experience to the Kwanzaa celebration but also fosters unity, self-determination, and community engagement among residents. This workshop encourages creativity and celebrates African heritage, providing a culturally enriching and joyful experience for all participants.

  1. Emotional Engagement: Foster a sense of joy and creativity through the rhythmic expression of drumming.
  2. Spiritual Engagement: Connect residents with the rich cultural and spiritual heritage of West African drumming.
  3. Social Engagement: Promote unity and community engagement as residents come together for a shared experience.
  4. Physical Engagement: Engage residents in physical activity through drumming, promoting coordination and rhythm.
  5. Intellectual Engagement: Stimulate cognitive abilities by learning about the history and significance of West African drumming.
  1. Arrange for a local expert in West African drumming to lead the workshop.
  2. Set up a comfortable and accessible space for residents to participate.
  3. Provide each resident with a drum or percussion instrument.
  4. The expert will begin by introducing the history and cultural significance of West African drumming.
  5. Lead residents through basic drumming techniques and rhythms, gradually increasing complexity.
  6. Encourage residents to express themselves creatively through drumming.
  7. Foster social interaction by creating opportunities for residents to share their experiences and insights.
  8. Conclude the workshop with a reflection on the cultural and spiritual aspects of West African drumming.
Staffing Requirements
  • 1 staff member.
  • Additional staff/volunteers to assist participants if needed.
  • West African drums or percussion instruments
  • Seating arrangements for residents
  • Educational materials on West African drumming
  • Refreshments (optional)
  • Risk of overexertion during physical activity: Monitor residents' energy levels and encourage breaks as needed.
  • Risk of sensory overload for some residents: Create a comfortable environment and offer ear protection if necessary.
Expected Outcomes
  1. Residents gain an appreciation for the cultural and spiritual aspects of West African drumming.
  2. Increased emotional well-being and joy through rhythmic expression.
  3. Strengthened sense of community and unity among participants.
  4. Improved physical coordination and rhythm skills through drumming.
  5. Enhanced cognitive engagement by learning about the history and significance of West African drumming.
Program Type
Level of Care
Dimension of Wellness
Culture, Music therapy, Music, Musical instruments, Drums, Dance, Exercise