Introducing Welbi Sidekick

For the heroes caring for our loved ones during COVID‑19

We understand that senior living community staff are emotional as they are locking their doors to protect their older adult population. Staff are more overwhelmed than ever, residents are at greater risk of social isolation and their families are feeling helpless.

Our team has worked tirelessly to develop Welbi Sidekick, a solution to support you during these challenging times.

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A group of recreation heroes

Welbi has created a tool to support your teams during COVID‑19

Using your computer, smartphone or tablet, you will be able to:

Track all resident engagements and visits in real-time

Contact tracing to prevent COVID‑19 propagation

Share one-on-one activities & program suggestions with other communities

Identify and prioritize at-risk residents to increase engagement and reduce social isolation

Family portal: instantly send reports, updates and photos to families about their loved ones

Family portal: receive and print messages from families to distribute to your residents

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Ashley VanDoorn
General Manager at Promenade
"Our staff needed all the help they could get during this crisis. Welbi Sidekick is a lifeline. Before this tool from Welbi, we were spending up to 10 hours a week keeping track of our interactions with our residents and reporting to families. Now, we get to spend those hours with our residents instead of in front of our computers, ensuring their wellbeing and happiness."

After listening to thousands of senior living community staff members to better understand how we could help with the COVID-19 crisis, we worked day and night to build Welbi Sidekick. We will be continuously improving Welbi Sidekick to support you the best way that we can through these hard times.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for everything you are doing for our loved ones. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if there is anything we can do to help.

Elizabeth Audette-Bourdeau
CEO & Co-Founder