Daily Overview

Give your teams the best tools to create outstanding resident experiences, daily

Say goodbye to disorganized and time-consuming processes. Welbi’s Daily Overview is your teams’ one-stop-shop for their everyday recreation needs.

How it works


Welbi's resident experience platform captures all activities your staff and residents attend each day.


The contact tracing tool analyzes this information.


When a resident or staff member tests positive for an infectious disease, simply click their name and select a timeframe to see who came in contact with them.


See where, when, and how many times those who came in contact were exposed.


Instantly know who's less at risk and who needs to be monitored, tested, and isolated. Take control, quickly and easily.


Reports can be shared, exported, and printed to provide to staff, management, or health authorities right away.

Daily Overview
360° Day View

Focus on the most important tasks

Simplify your recreation teams’ tasks with a platform that supports their daily operations. Your teams will understand where their time should be spent to create the biggest impact.

Today’s Programs

Stay on schedule every day

Welbi provides your teams with a schedule for the day. Helping them stay on track and find extra time for tasks such as one-on-ones or completing overdue assessments.

Daily Overview
Daily Overview
Pending Assessments

Ensure compliance and timely data updates

Take the guesswork out of compliance and meeting corporate standards. Welbi guides users with a daily reminder to complete assessments and re-assessments.

Upcoming Celebrations

Never miss a birthday

Stop digging through paperwork to uncover special dates. Give your residents the personalized experience they deserve on their birthday or move-in date with Welbi’s reminders.

Daily Overview
Daily Overview
Residents Needing Engagement

Eliminate social isolation

Ensure social isolation never occurs in your community. Welbi proactively alerts you if a resident needs engagement so your teams can give them the attention they need.

”Using Welbi has dramatically changed my daily operations by having everything all in one place."
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Debbie Gaudet

Activity Coordinator, Red Oak Villa & Manager of Activity Coordinators, Autumnwood

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