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Welbi's comprehensive suite of tools helps retirement communities boost occupancy, increase efficiency and keep families connected.

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"I’ve worked in the recreation field for 28 years and I have yet to see a tool as comprehensive as Welbi.  It is so intuitive and can capture data that Recreation Professionals often miss due to lack of resources, appropriate assessment, tracking systems and analytical skills."

Caroline, Regional Manager of Recreation

"Welbi has been a great tool for the recreation department. Inputting the information on our residents has been easy and quick. It’s great to have all our information on one platform!"

Rebecca, Recreation Aide

"The system is very user-friendly and very easy to use.  The team at Welbi has been readily available to reach with our questions and always willing to assist where they can to improve the system so it is the BEST system possible... This program saves our recreation team countless hours of documentation."

Ashley, Director of Recreation

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Boost occupancy through powerful analytics

Welbi allows staff to track and measure important metrics in one simple platform. Welbi analyzes this data for you to easily optimize programs to your residents' unique needs, foster new connections and increase overall satisfaction. Ultimately, this enables longer stays, more referrals and increased occupancy.

  • Find out which residents are engaged and active

  • See what programs are the most popular

  • Discover your residents' interests and hobbies

Provide service excellence and improve staff efficiency

Residents' satisfaction is critical to your business. Welbi's comprehensive suite of tools allow your staff to spend less time on administrative tasks, and more quality time with residents.

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Differentiate your residence by connecting families

Many families struggle to stay connected with loved ones in retirement homes. Welbi's Family Portal allows families to be better informed and involved, making your residence a much more attractive option in this competitive market.

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