Resident-tailored recreation programs in a few easy clicks

Welbi makes it profoundly simple for recreation teams to build and deliver engaging, personalized programs. Our platform provides teams with meaningful insights and smart tools eliminating over 40% of staff administrative time. More time spent with residents means happier, healthier, and safer communities.

Every resident's well-being is at the heart of what we do.

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An mockup of Welbi's Contact Tracing feature
Contact Tracing

Protect your community; keep residents safe during COVID-19

One-click view of everyone who has interacted with a specific individual

Understand who came in contact with one another, when, and where

Create peace of mind - you're easily able to take quick action to identify, isolate, and contain

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Combat social isolation during COVID-19 lockdowns

Ensure all residents are seen and engaged during lockdowns

Keep track of dimensions of wellness and engagement levels

Organize facilitators’ schedules quickly and easily

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An mockup of Welbi's Resident List feature
Filterable Resident List

Everything you need at your fingertips

Organize your residents by name, photo and room number

Identify which residents are in need of engagement

See all resident status’ at a glance

An mockup of Welbi's Resident Engagement feature
Interaction & Engagement Tracking

Monitor resident engagement in real time

Track participation and resident interactions

Upload photos of your residents having fun

Be proactive with COVID‑19 contact tracing

An mockup of Welbi's Activity List feature
Activity Ideas

Get inspiration from a database of activities

Filter through one-on-one and group activity suggestions

Find activity ideas for each level of care

Ensure your program covers all the dimensions of wellness

An mockup of Welbi's Customization feature
Platform Customization

Make it your own personal platform

Enjoy a custom-tailored experience for your community

Fully customize your calendars, resident profiles, and more

Set up your settings and preferences to meet your workflow needs

An mockup of Welbi's Overview feature
360° Day View

Make it easy to focus on what is important

Get a 360° view of your day to day responsibilities

Have an overview of residents with low engagement levels

View a summary of assessments to be completed

An mockup of Welbi's Resident Profile feature
Resident PRofiles

Personalize the experience for each of your residents

Build resident profiles that capture important information about residents

Analyze personalized resident insights to track individual participation

View resident summaries at a high-level

An mockup of Welbi's Web Calendar feature
Calendar Planning Tool

All of your powerful planning tools in one place

Plan your calendar effortlessly with repeating events

Customize calendars to meet your unique design preferences

Get custom alerts so you never miss a beat

An mockup of Welbi's Print Calendar feature
Calendar Printing Tool

A one stop shop for publishing your calendar

Swap between daily, weekly and monthly views

Customize calendars to meet your unique design preferences

Download PDFs to print, post and share

An mockup of Welbi's Resident Assessment feature
Resident Assessments

Always be up to date with your assessments

Create and import your own assessments

Set due date reminders for recreation assessments

Easily fill-out assessments on your tablet, phone or computer

Monitor past assessments to identify changes over time

An mockup of Welbi's Insights feature
Real-Time Analytics

Gaining insights should be simple

Discover tools to evaluate the effectiveness and popularity of your programs

Get live reports for each individual resident

Analyze community-wide insights about similar hobbies and interests

Get real-time organization and overall performance insights

An mockup of Welbi's Recommendations feature
Real-Time Recommendations

Using the power of AI to build better programs

Get real-time recommendations based on preferences and habits

See who is most and least likely to attend your events

Adjust your events to maximize participation

An mockup of Welbi's Integrations feature
EHR IntEgration

Eliminate redundancies and optimize your operations

Integrate seamlessly with other EHR softwares

Transfer resident demographic and contacts information

Create or expand upon existing progress notes for a given resident

A mockup of Welbi's insights
Organization-Wide Dashboard

We provide a big picture view of all your homes

Set organization-wide KPI's and metrics

View insights per nation, region, province, city or individual home

Get real-time analytics on each community's performance

Family Portal

Help families stay connected

Improve communication between communities and families

Seamlessly integrate calendars for families and staff

Deliver peace of mind to families

Hundreds of Recreation Teams now use Welbi

Join your fellow Heroes. Free yourself from stacks of paperwork and improve residents' quality of life.

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