Resident Profiles

Everything you need to know about your residents, all in one place

With outdated systems, resident records are not easily accessible and do not surface the right information. Welbi surfaces important resident information in seconds to help create personalized experiences and make your residents feel valued.

How it works


Welbi's resident experience platform captures all activities your staff and residents attend each day.


The contact tracing tool analyzes this information.


When a resident or staff member tests positive for an infectious disease, simply click their name and select a timeframe to see who came in contact with them.


See where, when, and how many times those who came in contact were exposed.


Instantly know who's less at risk and who needs to be monitored, tested, and isolated. Take control, quickly and easily.


Reports can be shared, exported, and printed to provide to staff, management, or health authorities right away.

Resident Profiles
Resident List

Keep resident data at the fingertips of those who need it most

Eliminate binders of resident data that take hours to sift through. Your teams can access resident information in seconds with an intuitive, filterable resident list.

Resident Biography

Understand every resident’s unique traits

Give your teams a well-rounded understanding of each resident in seconds. Welbi captures important information about residents’ life stories and ensures that it is always accessible.

Resident Profiles
Resident Profiles
Resident Assessments

Get 100% of your assessments done on time

With ever-changing industry regulations, ensure that your communities’ assessments are always up to date. Welbi makes it easy to identify changes in residents over time by keeping a history of previous assessments in one place.

Personalized Insights

Surface critical insights for each resident

Creating manual reports for each resident is a thing of the past. Welbi’s real-time insights are calculated for each resident automatically, detailing everything your teams need to know to be proactive about care.

Resident Profiles
Resident Profiles

Create and import your own resident assessments

Customize your digital assessments to meet the needs of your community. Capture the right information that is required to create individualized care plans.

"Welbi saves myself and my team time with calendar planning/care reviews and attendance tracking. It gives an accurate snapshot of the residents engagement daily/weekly and monthly with a touch of a finger."
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Dinah H.

Director of Recreation

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Print Designer

Build and print multiple brand-consistent calendars in one click.

Community Insights

Allow for continuous improvement with real-time insights.

Real-Time Recommendations

Help your teams make data-informed decisions to create hyper-personalized experiences.

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