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In just one click - literally - Welbi can show you everyone who came in contact with a specific individual, when and where. Because time is of the essence to eliminate spread in your community and keep everyone safe.

Every resident's well-being is at the heart of what we do.

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One click contact tracing

Contact tracing is an essential component for containing a disease outbreak

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Keep your community safe with Welbi

We've listened to our clients and now offer a smart and accurate one-click contact tracing capability. Easily prevent and contain a COVID-19 or other infectious disease outbreak.

  • One-click contact tracing
  • Instant analysis of who’s been exposed
  • Control the spread

How it works


Welbi’s personalized resident recreation platform captures all the activities that your residents (and staff) attend and participate in each and every day.


The contact tracing tool takes this information and analyzes who attended each activity.


When you have a resident or staff that has tested positive for COVID-19 or another infectious disease, you can simply click on their name and it will show you who they have been in contact with over the selected period of time.


The tool will show you what activities they may have been exposed to, how many times they were exposed, and the date(s) of the exposure.


You will know instantly who needs to be isolated, tested, monitored, and who may be at greater or less risk. This allows you to take control, quickly and easily.


Reports can be shared, exported, and printed to provide to staff, management, or health authorities right away.

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