Senior Activity Ideas During COVID-19: Easter Edition!

As Easter approaches, it will likely be an emotional time for everyone impacted by current events. Some communities can still interact and some have more strict protocols. Here is a list of activities that are Easter themed and offer a variety of ways to connect with seniors. We also have some additional activities for anyone not celebrating Easter.

And please remember,  before you engage new activities, ensure you are following proper hygiene, safety protocols and social distancing.

Stock Your Carts with Easter Candy for a Hallway Hunt!

A straightforward and obvious one, but one bound to give people some joy. Easter Candy is very colourful and fun, so it gives teams a chance to really make their cart fun and interactive.

Make Baskets or Crafts

Get out the markers and coloured paper, and make some Easter decorations in your seniors rooms. It’s a great way to have a specific theme to get creative around.

Image by Kaitlyn Askey - Arbor Oaks at Lakeland Hills via Facebook

Decorate Baked Goods or Eggs

Many people painted and decorated eggs at all age levels. Boiling a few dozen eggs and passing them out to residents, is a unique and fun way to try some painting activities. If you want an activity that works with snack time, try baking some egg shaped cookies. Your seniors can customize them with sprinkles, icing and other goodies.

Stream a Religious Service

Easter is obviously foremost a religious holiday for many Christians. There are now hundreds, if not thousands of churches across the world live streaming their masses and celebrations. The website Christian World Media has a searchable database. Woman’s Magazine also has some ideas & resources. Alternatively, you can open Google and type this within the search bar “churches near me easter sermon live stream”. You should see a list of local churches live streaming their Easter celebrations.

And don’t forget about your Jewish residents recognizing Passover. Here is a list of activities you can do with residents.  

Sing Hymns

If you would rather have something more interactive and personal; try singing or playing hymns for residents. Here are 40 popular hymns for Easter, with both lyrics and music.

Easter Egg Miniature Golf

Some residences have created miniature golf courses in their hallways. You can use coloured ping pong balls or actual golf balls and set up obstacle courses.

The Easter Bunny Can Still Visit

Each year, many communities have the Easter Bunny pop by for fun and festivities. With the current challenges of isolation, some local businesses are dressing up and visiting windows to spread some holiday cheer. You can also dress up and visit residents, like Amanda Denny Woods, from Flint Hills Care Center

Image by Amanda Denny Woods - Flint Hills Care Center via Facebook

Some Non-Easter Activities

Spring Cleanup

Now that the seasons have changed, helping residents clean and organize their living space is a great way to feel reinvigorated. It helps them stay active with purpose and pushed back against cabin fever.

Put Up a Birdhouse

Most residents have access to a window and this a fantastic way to leverage the view. You can even make them with very basic materials. Here is an easy DIY birdhouse crafted with popsicle sticks.

Start their Autobiography

You can record a conversation, video them or just take notes. Ask them questions about their life and then share the answers with friends and family. Here are some questions to get you started.

Virtual Bingo

It’s a staple but a popular one. And residences are finding all sorts of new and innovative ways to have bingo. Recently the Enclave at Round Rock Senior Living had celebrity call out bingo numbers for them; Award Winning Actor Matthew McConaughey.

Image by The Enclave at Round Rock Senior Living via Facebook

Now you may struggle to get an international movie star to call out bingo for your seniors. However, you can always get their family involved or ask one of your entertainers. It’s a great way to have everyone interact and get some much needed facetime.

In-room Karaoke

With over 7 million subscribers on YouTube, SingKing has thousands of songs your residents can choose from. They are just one of many channels online and the best part: no microphone needed!