Senior Community Activity Ideas During COVID-19 Quarantines: Part 3

Keeping the spirits high and positive are essential right now, for both residents and your activity teams. Rather than spending precious time and energy, trying to come up with fresh ideas during unusual times; we are continuing to pull together tips and activities that are being shared for the benefit of everyone.

Hallway/Cart Bowling

Who needs an alley and smelly shoes. Bowling, a game which pretty much everyone knows, is a great way to keep people up and active, even when isolated to their rooms.  Cara Dafforn, Thrive Lifestyle Coordinator at American Senior Communities, got creative with a cart and went door to door, treating residents to a game. There are also outdoor bowling sets which you could set up in the hall.  

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Indoor Ice Cream Truck

Delivering Ice Cream to each room is pretty standard, so why not dress it up. Grab some markers and cardboard to make your very own Indoor Ice Cream Truck! Gayla Zieser of Brightview Senior Living also played some iconic Ice Cream Truck music as they made deliveries.

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The Final Frontier

You can get as creative as the team from Somerford House & Place: Build a rocket, fly to safety and have soon space themed snacks (ie: Moon Pies). Or, you can do some other easier activities. Play some footage from the moon landing and have residents share memories.

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Magazine Scavenger Hunt

Most senior communities likely have stacks of old magazines lying around. It’s a perfect opportunity to get creative and cognitive skills working. It’s a great activity for 1:1’s and all you need is a list of items to find, glue and some paper.  

Chair Yoga

Exercise and just simple physical activity is sure to be a challenge right now. If your senior residents can’t leave their room, Expert Village has a whole series of Chair Yoga activities on YouTube. It has a variety of stretches, poses and meditations you can so quickly and safely in groups or one on one. You could even host chair yoga in the hallway. Have residents put their chairs right next to their doors (maintaining at least six feet apart) and walk them through one of the videos.

Colouring A Part of History

Over 100 Museums from across the world have turned their collections into colouring books. Part of the #Color Our Collections initiative, the University of Glasgow Archives and Special Collections, the National Library of Russia and the Folger Shakespeare Library are just some of the institutions who are turning historic works into fun art activities. You are sure to find something for the more refined artist, who still wants to get creative.

Window painting

If you or your residents would rather create their own masterpiece, then try some window painting! It’s definitely a fun way to spend some 1:1 time with your residents. And as more people are visiting loved ones at the window, it’s a fun way to add a unique touch.  Simply mix acrylic paint with a few drops of dish soap to make the paint removal process go a little easier. The best part is, you don’t need to spend money on expensive canvases!

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Flamingo Ring Toss

Sounds strange and we know it may be out of the question if your residents have to stay put. However, if you can still take seniors outdoors for a 1:1, then this idea (or something similar) is a lot of fun. You can buy the pink flamingos and pool rings on Amazon. But in reality, if you can get outside, then just a walk in the fresh air can be reinvigorating.

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